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5 new outstanding features and upgrades of FiinPro V2.1

FiinGroup | 8/29/2019 7:00:00 PM

FiinGroup would like to send our sincere thanks to the valued customers who have always supported and trusted us through using the FiinPro Platform. With the motto "Innovative Always", FiinGroup is committed to providing customers with more data, new features and tools in FiinPro Platform.

Corporate News

INFOGRAPHIC: Vietnam consumer finance market 2019

Aug 14, 2019 14:44:35

After a period of strong loan book growth during 2013-2017, Vietnam has witnessed a slowdown - the national loan book grew by 14% in 2018 compared to 18% in 2017. Concerns about aggressive lending practices, and the possible risk in the real estate and non-production sectors have resulted in a tightening of regulations by the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV). Additionally, the focus was on resolving the legacy bad debt with the resulting non-performing loans ratio (NPL) at only 1.89% by YE2018. Considering these events, the SBV also set a modest target of 14% YoY credit growth for 2019.

INFOGRAPHIC: Vietnam cold chain market 2019

Aug 14, 2019 10:02:54

FiinGroup is pleased to introduce Vietnam Cold Chain Market Report 2019, the first and most comprehensive issue on Vietnam cold chain industry. This report presents a board range of topics, both sector-specific and crosscutting market issues.

[FiinPro Data] 894 companies have published financial statements with growth rate of attribute to parents company reached 10.4%

Aug 08, 2019 14:27:10

According to statistics from FiinPro Platform, as of 12 PM, 5th August 2019, there were a total of 894 enterprises announcing Q2-2019 Financial Statements (accounting for 89.8% of market capitalization on 3 Exchanges). We had made a quick summary and update the results as follows:

CEO FiinGroup will speak at Yangon Stock Exchange Seminar on 1 September 2019

Aug 07, 2019 14:10:46

Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX) will organise their YSX EXPO 2019 on Sunday, 1st September 2019 at Novotel Hotel Yangon Max with aims to boost investors bases especially foreign investors in Myanmar stock market. As a professional provider of financial data, business information, industry research and other data-driven analytics services, FiinGroup proudly support YSX in this event. YSX EXPO 2019 will bring business showcase and exhibition booths of listed companies and to-be-listed companies.

Vietnam Consumer Finance Customer Survey 2019: Catering to more sophisticated customers

Jul 12, 2019 14:45:37

The Consumer Finance market has witnessed significant credit growth of 59% annually over the period of 2014-2018. The last year has been particularly eventful, with at least four new entrants to the market (VietCredit, EasyCredit, Lotte Finance, SHB Finance), putting pressure on the market shares of the Big Four (FE Credit, Home Credit, HD Saison and Prudential Finance). Overall, interests from domestic and abroad have heightened significantly.

Covered Warrant data is now updated on FiinPro Platform

Jul 09, 2019 16:41:08

We are pleased to inform you that Covered Warrant data including real-time transaction data and end-of-day data summaries is fully updated on the FiinPro System.

IB Securities has subscribed to FiinPro Platform to strengthen their information system

Jul 08, 2019 11:37:49

FiinGroup (previously StoxPlus) is honored to be the financial information provider chosen by IB Securities (IBSC) to facilitate and improve its market research and analysis efficiency.

[FiinPro Data] Rubber stocks investing idea from FiinPro

Jul 04, 2019 16:45:22

Rubber prices in the first half of 2019 rose sharply.

Vietnam Banking Report 2019 now available for pre-order at a discount

Jun 25, 2019 14:15:24

FiinGroup’s highly anticipated Vietnam Banking Report 2019 is coming out in June or possibly early July. Pre-order by July 7 to get 5% off and exclusive offers!