What is FiinGate

Providing standard credit reports and comprehensive research tools to help clients search for an enterprise, screen for a long list and a shortlist of enterprises in certain sectors, industries or across industries with various parameters or criteria.

Who should use FiinGate

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Financial Institutions

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Credit Risk Insurance

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Onshore & Offshore Investors

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Local Firms

Key Features

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An advanced search engine with detailed filter parameters, returning a list of best matched companies, ready for your own user.

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Comprehensive Company Business Information

The core competitive feature of FiinGate aims to provide a quick overview of your business partners at the time of on-boarding. We have partnered with various legal sources, such as ABR, CIC and from enterprises directly.

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Account Management & Securities Features

Manage your information and purchase history all in one place. Besides, we take your account securities and privacy seriously, so that only you have the total control of your account.

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Customizable Alerts

You can customize your alerts for a suitable use of FiinGate. We make sure you will never miss any information that you care about on FiinGate.

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Saved Lists of Company with interested

A management console for your saved companies while using FiinGate. This is also the control room for data appear on News & Activities sections.

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Saved Screening for frequent queries

A function that saves you a lot of time by collecting and storing all your frequent queries in Screening. You can easily repeat your Saved Screening or modify the parameter in just a few clicks.

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Adverse Media Monitoring

Adverse Media or negative news are tightly followed and updated by our group of experts. We pour great effort into analyze news from our most trusted sources and bring it on the table to you.

What makes FiinGate Stand Out

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Fast access to FiinGroup's business information database

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An automated tracking & warning system to keep you updated

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An econnomic way to carry out due diligence

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A simple & user-friendly web-based platform

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24/7 accessing system

How can you benefit from FiinGate

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Risk Management

  • Understand risk across a corporate
  • Monitor companies for change
  • Compare & Benchmark companies
  • Interpret data quickly

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Business development

  • Research new markets & regions
  • Enrich the information on your customers
  • Find potential targets"

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Data Compliance, KYC & Due Diligence

  • Corporate’s legal status
  • Corporate ownership structures and beneficial ownership
  • Financial data and financial strength metrics

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Corporate Finance & M&A Research

  • Search by hundreds of criteria
  • Do a detailed analysis on corporates
  • Understand opportunities and risks across a corporate group


FiinGate provides:

  1. Dashboard - Overview about information you concern
  2. Screening - Advanced search function to look for target Companies
  3. Company Report - Company Report by FiinGate
  4. Rating Report - Automatic Ratings and Report
  5. Saved Lists - List of your Favourite Companies
  6. Saved Screening - List of Saved Screening
  7. My FiinGate - Manage your Basic Information, Security, Email Setting, etc.

Explore our Help Center, add and upvote new features, or just ask via e-mail at infor@fiingroup.com

You can subscribe to FiinGate by accessing My FiinGate, on Subscription screen press Subscribe button.

You can register only 01 (one) new subscription after your previous subscription has expired. Please visit My FiinGate, on Subscription screen press Subscribe button.

You cannot cancel your subscription after subscribed to FiinGate.

Screening is a feature that allows user to filter Company information of their interest including Basic Information, Industry, Groups, Financial Statements, etc.

Saved Screening is a feature to manage your advanced search queries while using FiinGate.

Our analytics including scoring models are developed based on advanced financial technologies. Data and analytics in our system are cleaned up, standardized and validated by our data and business analysts before publishing to the platform. The corporate data for public companies are acquired and processed by our own data office and from Stock Exchanges under current information disclosure regulations.

For non-public companies, the data source and our provision of services are primarily regulated under our Business Registration Data Agreement between FiinGroup and Business Registration Supporting Center under the Department of Enterprise Registration Administration under the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Company report (hereinafter referred as "The Report”) is one of FiinGroup’s platform-based products which integrates corporate database and advanced technology infrastructure to assist you timely in making well-informed decision and mitigating possible risks arising from an emerging market.

The Report aims to provide a quick overview of your business partners at the time of on-boarding. Particularly, the Report covers (i) detailed business information, including company profile, ownership structure, management information, historical details, financial statements, rating and scoring, industry benchmarking and related business information; and (ii) basic financial analysis, including financial charts represented visually to track financial position of every single company registering to operate in Vietnam.

Business information is collected from various legal sources, such as Vietnam Agency for Business Registration (ABR) under Ministry of Planning and Investment, Credit Information Center under State Bank of Vietnam, etc. and from enterprises directly.

Saved Lists is a feature to manage your Saved Companies while using FiinGate. Please bear in mind that News & Activities on Dashboard will cover only saved companies in your Saved Lists.

Rating Report provides Automatic ratings using mass multidimensional data and industry benchmarks. FiinRatings is an unbiased, objective and independent credit rating agency licensed by Vietnam MOF to delivery opinion to an issuer’s capacity on meeting their financial obligations.

FiinRatings offers global perspectives shaped by strong local market experience and credit market expertise. It is a simple and easy way to understand symbolic indicator of the opinion about risks relating to a borrowing plan of a company/issuer in reference to that company’s/issuer’s ability to fulfill its financial obligations.

My FiinGate is a feature to manage your account, including:

  1. Your basic information.
  2. Security.
  3. Activity feed.
  4. Email notification setting.
  5. Subscription, Balance and Transaction History
  6. Viewed Company
  7. My Download

Dashboard collects and visualizes the latest information relating to the Companies and Industries in your Saved Lists

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