Corporate Credit Report

Leveraging on our corporate database for all registered enterprises in Vietnam and our industry benchmarks, we offer credit reports with corporate rating results for all Vietnamese companies when requested.

Screen potential customers

Develop appropriate sale policies, financial mechanisms for each customer group

Manage payables-receivables quality

Get early risk alerts

Greater accessibility to sources of capital

Greater contact with big suppliers

Sample Deliverables

FiinRatings also offers an independent opinion of your organization's overall creditworthiness: FiinRatings’ Issuer Credit Rating provides your credit credential - an independent opinion of your organization's overall creditworthiness and financial strength. It can be used as an information tool for capital markets participants and your organization's counterparties-banks, clients, suppliers, joint-venture partners, brokers, government agencies-even landlords.

Pricing Plan

The basis of fee calculation

  • Whether it is readily available in our database or required additional works
  • Whether it is semiautomated or analyst-based reports

Standard Fee

  • US$5,000 per report
  • Available discounts base on the order volume