FiinRatings Monthly Report - October 2022

21 November 2022 - 03:31 PM Alternate Text


In October, with little to no-issuance activities, issuers actively increased early redemption and repurchase. Those activities significantly reduced the size of local bond outstanding and maturity pressure this year.

The market witnessed a wide range of debt restructuring solutions that issuers increasingly applied. Despite the sluggish local primary market, many companies succeeded in mobilizing international loans.

Below are the most critical findings in our Monthly Report - October 2022:

  • Bond repurchases increased yet again
  • Debt coming due for Real Estate Developers
  • Debt restructuring plans have been actively implemented
  • Mobilization of international loans took place actively

You can refer to our FULL Monthly Report - October 2022 HERE

About our Monthly Bonds Report:

A monthly publication series covering up-to-date market data and insights into the Vietnam corporate bond market. We aim to assist market participants, not only including institutional investors, corporate issuers, policymakers, and other stakeholders but also individual investors in their investment operation and decision makings.