Data Digest #11: 2022 Earnings Outlook and Investment Themes

25 March 2022 - 03:43 PM Alternate Text


Dear valued customers

We are pleased to present FiinPro Data Digest #11 prepared by FiinGroup.

This Report is part of “FiinPro Data Digest” series and prepared primarily for subscribers of FiinGroup’s financial information and data platforms. As noted in previous issues, FiinPro Data Digest focuses on analyzing financial data to give commentaries and findings with specific data evidence in order to provide independent and in-depth perspective on securities and financial issues.

This report was prepared by the Data Analytics team of FiinGroup's Financial Information Division. We hope this issue will provide you with useful information.

Most of data in this report was extracted from our FiinPro Platform which is currently used by a lot of local and foreign institutions.

Download Full Report HERE

We are looking forward to receiving your comments and feedback on this report. If you would like more information, please contact our service contact or email