Data Digest #16: Earnings landscape in Q1-2023: Glimpses of bright spots in earnings growth

29 May 2023 - 04:59 PM Alternate Text


The Q1-2023 earnings reporting season has wrapped up with few positive signals and VNIndex has kept moving sideways since the beginning of April. Market liquidity, meanwhile, has increased by 20% compared to the previous 3-month average as retail investors were less cautious, with net buy of nearly VND8 trillion.

High valuation, poor earnings prospects and high interest rates are preventing further flow of money into the stock market and thus limiting upside potential in the near term.

In the long run, the effort to reduce lending interest rates is a positive factor supporting the economy in the context of weak production activities and low consumer demand. We expect to see more bright spots of growth in the coming quarters, thereby attracting additional money into the stock market, especially from domestic retail investors.

This Report is part of “FiinPro Data Digest” series and prepared primarily for subscribers of FiinGroup’s financial information and data platforms. As noted in previous issues, FiinPro Data Digest focuses on analyzing financial data to give commentaries and findings with specific data evidence in order to provide independent and in-depth perspective on securities and financial issues.

This report was prepared by the Data Analytics team of FiinGroup's Financial Information Division. We hope this issue will provide you with useful information.

Most of data in this report was extracted from our FiinPro Platform which is currently used by a lot of local and foreign institutions.

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