Investment Opportunities for Chinese Investors

06 February 2024 - 01:54 PM Alternate Text


On 15th December 2023, Mr. Hai Khieu (Director, Head of Market Research and Consulting, FiinGroup) delivered a keynote presentation at the webinar “Investment and Legal Practice in Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam” organized by Huatai International Financial Holdings Company Limited. The webinar is designed to foster connections and drive overseas investment of Chinese investors in Southeast Asia region, with an emphasis on the business environment and investment policies in Vietnam. 

During the keynote presentation titled “Investment Opportunities in Vietnam for Chinese Investors”, Mr. Hai Khieu share in-depth assessments of the current Vietnam’s macroeconomics situation and outlooks for 2024 as well as potential sectors for Chinese investors from the perspective of a data analytics and consulting service provider in Vietnam. 

Below are some highlights from the keynote presentation:  

  • The macroeconomy in 2024 is expected to remain basically stable, with some uncertainties about global geopolitics and the negative impact of the real estate sector on the banking system. 

  • The high interest rate environment in international markets is expected to continue in 2024 and continue to have a certain impact on export demand and the recovery of FDI flows into Vietnam. 

  • Registered FDI is improving thanks to moving from China to Vietnam. FDI from China is concentrated in part manufacturing, textile & footwear, food processing & other manufacturing sectors. 

  • The momentum for medium- to long-term expansion will be both export-oriented sectors including part manufacturing as well as domestic market such as green agenda and renewable energy.  

For more details of the presentation deck, click HERE 

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