FiinPro-X: The Gateway to Success for Korean Investors in Vietnam

26 June 2024 - 10:15 AM Alternate Text

Vietnam has strongly attracted foreign direct investment (FDI and FII), especially from South Korea. Currently, in the Vietnam stock market, 8 Korean-invested securities companies are operating in the Vietnamese stock market, demonstrating the great faith of Korean investors in developing the Vietnamese market.  

Why is FiinPro-X always the top choice for foreign investors?  

Comprehensive, up-to-date data, local market insights, a reliable data source, and all news and events in both Vietnamese and English languages are always the key criteria that foreign financial institutions consider when choosing a Vietnamese data vendor.  

Leveraging the trust and partnership of Korean securities companies in adopting the Fiinpro-X Database System, FiinGroup has emerged as the frontrunner in providing solutions to the leading Korean securities firms operating in the Vietnamese stock market. These include Mirae Asset, NHSV, KBSV, KISVN, Pinetree (a member of Hanwha Investment and Securities Co., part of the Hanwha Group), JBSV, Shinhan Securities, and ASAM Securities.

FiinPro-X Platform - Economic - Financial - Macro Database System:  

  • In-depth database of the Vietnamese financial market.  

  • Provides comprehensive data and information in both English and Vietnamese.  

  • The system covers full information on over 3,800 public and private enterprises, with total revenue equivalent to 150% of Vietnam's GDP.  

  • Provides comprehensive data on stock, bonds, derivates, covered warrants, and other investment instruments  

  • The system provides useful analytical tools such as Strategic Analysis, Stock Screening, Market Statistics, Data Mining, Financial Charts, and many other tools developed to support economic research experts, analysts, fund managers, investment professionals, financial advisors, brokers, and other financial and investment professionals.