FiinPro® Platform supports Yuanta Securities to win over Vietnam market

22 May 2018 - 02:37 PM Alternate Text

From 2006 to 2017, Yuanta Securities gradually acquired FSC from initially 44.68% to whopping 99.95% shares, and officially rename the company to Yuanta Securities Vietnam as well as released new Online Trading System, engaging majorly into investment banking and brokerage services.

However, Yuanta is not the only market player, in the recent few years, many foreign securities firm has also entered Vietnam financial market, set up offices for expansion and exploring the new emerging market, which threatens Yuanta’s development. Therefore, to enhance its competency and due to high demand for Vietnam financial information, on 17 May 2018, Yuanta decided to subscribe FiinPro® Platform which is the first in-depth financial database platform for Vietnam, jointly developed by StoxPlus and QUICK Corp (part of Nikkei Inc.) to support Research and Analysis Department in their daily tasks.

Through this contract, the company is able to access the real-time market/trading data including level II data, corporate data (not only listed companies but also more than 3,000 public companies with total revenue accounting for nearly 70% of Vietnam's GDP), industry data and macro data of this product. FiinPro® Platform also provides basic and advanced analytic tools such as Stocks Analysis, Stocks Screening, Data Export in Excel and many other tools to support research analysts, portfolio managers, investment bankers, financial consultants and other financial professionals.

With expertise in financial data over the past 10 years, FiinPro® Platform is confident that our service can and will contribute tremendously to Yuanta’s future success, toward its goal as being the “Best Financial Services Provider in the Asia Pacific Region”.

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About Yuanta Securities

Yuanta Securities was established in Taiwan since 1961. Starting insecurities, Yuanta has constantly developed, expanded and explored various financial solutions to bring sustainable development and prosperity to their investors and ultimately dominant brokerage market. With more than 50 years of experience working with large corporations and individual investors across Asian market, Yuanta is proud to become Asian’s leading Financial Services & Brokerage House.