FiinGroup’s CEO to speak at APEC Conference on Financial Infrastructure Development Network in HCMC on 26 November 2020

23 November 2020 - 10:53 AM Alternate Text


This is the 8th Financial Infrastructure Development Network (FIND) conference organized by APEC Business Advisory Council, IFC, World Bank Group and the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV).

The purpose of this year’s event is to discuss the financial infrastructure support for post-pandemic economic recovery in Asia Pacific region. Below are specific topics:

  • Recent financial infrastructure reforms and developments in the Region: How has financial infrastructure services adapted to the pandemic-affected realities of economic operations? How has the trade & SCF industry coped with the difficulties from COVID-19? What governments have done to support the trade & SCF players? How trade and supply chain finance can be an accelerator for post-pandemic economic recovery in Vietnam and other developing APEC Economies?
  • The situation and essential elements enabling the environment for Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Market Development
  • Role of Non-Deposit-Taking Lenders (NDTLs) in SME Finance and SCF
  • Development of An Interoperable National Digital Identity and KYC Infrastructure for a Digital Future

The event involves speakers and participants from related government agencies, banks, non-bank financial institutions, insurance, credit reporting service providers, data & analytics firms, and international financial institutions.

FiinGroup as a Vietnam’s leader in information business, research and credit ratings will be participating to discuss about how its data & analytics can help facilitate the cross-border trades, investments and capital flows in the region especially for Vietnamese SMEs amidst the pandemic.

To download the preliminary agenda please click on this link.

About the APEC FIDN

The APEC Financial Infrastructure Development Network (FIDN), a key initiative under the Cebu Action Plan, was formally launched on November 12, 2015. The FIDN is envisioned to promote the development of effective credit information systems, as well as secured transactions and insolvency frameworks that would facilitate the use of movable assets as collaterals in the credit markets.  This is a collaborative effort among APEC member economies, APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), International Finance Corporation/World Bank Group (IFC), SME Finance Forum, and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).  The network brings together experts from the public and private sectors, including international organizations and industry associations, to support APEC economies in undertaking financial infrastructure reforms. 

The FIDN initiative is an integral part of the 2015 APEC Finance Ministers’ Cebu Action Plan (CAP) under Pillar 1: Financial Integration Pillar of the Cebu Action Plan, with focus areas on Credit Information Systems and Secured Transactions Systems (Movable Asset Lending Reform), together with Insolvency frameworks. The CAP recognizes that strengthening the institutional and legal infrastructure framework supporting the Credit Information Systems and Secured Transactions Systems has potential to facilitate the wider use of credit information and movable assets as collateral in increasing access to finance to MSMEs.  Through the FIDN launch and Finance Ministers’ Process, a common understanding of the key reforms in the areas of Credit Information Systems and Secured Transactions Systems (Movable Asset Lending Reform) was established among the immediate stakeholders – APEC member economies, government agencies, and international organizations.