Former Global Head, S&P Global Ratings - Analytics & Operations joins Fiin Ratings

23 November 2020 - 11:04 AM Alternate Text


HANOI: November 20, 2020 – FiinGroup JSC proudly announced that Mr. Paul Coughlin, former Executive Managing Director & Global Head, Analytics & Operations of S&P Global Ratings joined our Fiin Ratings as an advisor and rating committee member from November 16, 2020.

Mr. Coughlin worked with Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services from 1988 till 2014.  Initially employed by Australian Ratings - acquired by S&P in 1990 - he went on in 1995 to become the first head of S&P in Greater China, based in Hong Kong. In that role, he was a founding Director of Taiwan Ratings.  After holding various Asia/Pacific wide analytical management positions, Mr Coughlin was appointed Global Head of Corporate & Government Ratings based in New York in 2005.  In the aftermath of the Financial Crisis he was also given responsibility for managing the Structured Finance Ratings unit and thus became responsible for all of S&P's global credit rating and related operations.

Before his rating career, he worked as an economist and ministerial officer for the Australian Federal Government, as well as a credit analyst and a banker. Mr. Coughlin holds Australian and British citizenship and now lives in Melbourne, Australia and works as a Teaching Associate at the Business School of Monash University where he provides occasional lectures on credit risk, global finance and risk management. 

Our rating team is comprised of seasoned professionals with backgrounds in audit, investment management, investment banking and credit appraisal in Vietnam and from international markets. However, we have not had experience in running a professional credit rating agency. With the support from Mr. Coughlin, we are very confident in developing our rating methodology and receiving valuable advice in delivering high quality rating services for Vietnamese investors and issuers. We aim to meet the world’s best standard and practices delivered in the economic and business operating environment of Vietnam” – said Mr. Nguyen Quang Thuan, FiinGroup’s CEO.

Mr. Paul Coughlin said: “Vietnam is a very interesting emerging market where the corporate bond market size has in recent years started to grow rapidly. However, the market infrastructure is yet to catch up. I am very happy to support Fiin Ratings in its efforts to develop a credit rating industry in Vietnam and thereby, contributing to the development of Vietnam’s financial sector”.

Mr. Thuan also emphasized that their priority in working with policymakers and market participants to develop a local credit rating system for Vietnamese enterprises and investors in Vietnam’s capital market. The rating result also aims to serve as the basis for Vietnamese banking system in implementing the Basel II in credit risk management and capital adequacy under the Standardized Approach. The establishing of a local credit rating system also helps to solve the issue of sovereign rating ceiling which is currently Ba/BB- by global agencies applied to corporate issuers.

About Fiin Ratings & FiinGroup

FiinGroup is the second credit rating agency licensed by the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam, providing credit rating services in Vietnam under Decree 88 of the Government on Credit Ratings. The company provides credit rating services under a brand named Fiin Ratings aiming to fulfill the rating needs of corporates and bond issuers in Vietnam.

Before expanding its business into credit rating services, FiinGroup (formerly StoxPlus) was well-known as a leaders in Vietnam’s financial data & analytics, industry research and business credit reports  for both financial institutions, corporate investors  and cross-border trading and financial partners.