Vietnam insurtech: Navigating challenges and capitalising on emerging opportunities

21 February 2024 - 04:10 PM Alternate Text


The burgeoning tech-driven insurance landscape in Vietnam is swiftly progressing, disrupting the entire insurance sector. The number of Insurtech firms has accelerated since 2018, and the net revenue of these players has achieved an extraordinary CAGR of 255% during the period from 2018 to 2022.

Insurtech plays a dual role, simultaneously supporting and challenging traditional insurance companies by providing diverse insurance solutions for both industry players (B2B model) and end-users (B2B2C model).

Despite significant growth potential, Insurtech in Vietnam faces numerous obstacles, including limited funding and resources, heavy dependence on traditional insurance firms, low brand awareness and trust among middle-aged and older customers, data privacy concerns, and incomplete regulatory framework.

As Insurtech continues to evolve, its ability to navigate challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities will shape the future of Vietnam insurance market. Here are key trends to watch:

  • Extended arms of conventional insurance
  • Embedded insurance with omni channel distributions: Keys for boosting coverage
  • Tailoring products for diverse demographics: a strategic approach for long-term growth
  • Navigating headwinds and tailwinds: data security, funding, and elevating customer experiences

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