Vietnam Debt Capital Market Conference 2024


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Financing demand for business development in Vietnam is expected to be significant in the coming years to support economic growth and to reduce the reliance on medium- and long-term capital from the banking system. Debt capital, including corporate bonds, has been becoming more important as a financing source for Vietnamese enterprises.

FiinGate Platform: A solution for Mitigating Financial Risks and doing business in Vietnam with confidence.


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Our upcoming webinar will focus on the Agricultural Industry with the support of FiinGate - Vietnam's most comprehensive business information platform. We'll take a deep dive into how FiinGate effectively addresses the challenges presented by the current economic instability in a key industry in Vietnam. Don't miss this opportunity to explore FiinGate's powerful risk mitigation capabilities with us.

The role of credit ratings in credit risk management in Vietnam


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Corporate credit ratings play an increasingly important role in the credit granting activities of credit institutions, helping credit institutions have information to evaluate their financial situation, ability to repay debt as well as the risks of businesses independently rated in credit risk management and investment in debt instruments.

Vietnam Credit Market Review and Outlook: Navigating the Uncertainties


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Vietnam's economy is poised for robust growth in 2023, displaying remarkable resilience amid various domestic and external challenges. However, the country's reliance on the banking sector raises concerns due to recent headwinds in capital and credit markets. Notably, increasing corporate bond defaults and a sluggish residential real estate sector performance are likely to impact the banking sector, as well as other sector outlook. As of 30 June 2023, the estimated total value of defaulted bonds stands at approximately 26.9% of non-bank corporate bonds outstanding.

[Online event] Vietnam Credit Markets: Corporate Bond Default and Possible Spillover Effects


Zoom Webinar

As a Vietnam’s leading credit rating agency we would like to bring the most up-to-date information and market insights to investors and market participants. We would like to organize a Webinar where our analysts will discuss possible spillover effects on the economic, banking sector, and equity market.

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