FiinGroup launches FiinGate - The first business information analysis platform in Vietnam

25 May 2020 - 10:04 AM

On May 19, 2020, FiinGroup officially launched its first business information analysis platform in Vietnam called FiinGate.

Prioritizing the application of state-of-art technologies in data mining and automation, on May 19, 2020, FiinGroup proudly launches FiinGate - The first business information analysis platform in Vietnam. This is a preeminent business tool with the purpose of providing information of over 1 million businesses in Vietnam and allowing customers to better understand the performance of companies and promote relationships among business, traders and investors in Vietnamese market.

However, there is only a few tools in the market allowing businesses research on potential business partners as well as their business situation. At the same time, the assessment of risk level of business cooperation with these partners also encountered certain difficulties, mainly due to the lack of business information as well as industry information.

FiinGate is a tool to synthesize financial and non-financial information of more than one million businesses in Vietnam, organize and analyze business data in the direction of visualization and user-friendliness, connect them to provide a general view of organizations as well as business sectors. 

FiinGate is expected to set the foundation towards supporting the development of credit rating and risk management system for businesses in Vietnam, especially small and medium enterprises. While LinkedIn is built to help users find a new job, promote professional relationship, Facebook allows to share a person's emotional state and memorable moments, then FiinGate is built with a business mindset with the focus of bringing the most up-to-date and transparent information in the age that business information is flooding the Internet without any valid basis.

With the mission of "Market Enlightenment", FiinGate aims to become a business portal with the highest accuracy in Vietnam. We expect to build trust among businesses - since trust is an important factor to promote every business activity.